the Philco radio is bakelite ….

baking soda bakelite test (7)Philco Transitone Radio 51-530, 1951, bakelite … at least I was pretty sure it was when i saw it.  fingers crossed it brought it home.

there are a bunch of ways to test and see if something is bakelite or plastic. whether it’s kitchen utensils, appliance or cabinet handles, or jewelry … i know some dealers and collectors that swear that they can smell a strong formaldehyde smell which only bakelite has by rubbing it vigorously, some carry a q-tip with a touch of simichrome in a zip top bag when they are out on the hunt, some can even tell from across the room!  I am none of the above … i guess, then test.

up until 2 weeks ago i used simichrome (which smells terrible) and really has no other use for me around the house … as Alton Brown would say, it’s a “unitasker”; i really don’t like unitaskers.  so when i saw a blurb from my friend Angela on her blog, Angiezilla’s Boutique, that i could use baking soda, and  i was stoked!

baking soda bakelite test (8)

she stumbled upon the results while cleaning some kitchen utensils for her shop of the same name, asked for friends to help her test and TaDa … wet Q-Tip, Baking Soda, test in an inconspicuous location, nicotine color means it’s positive.  You got Bakelite!

anything you want to test now?

~ peace


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